Lennox Scott, Chairman and CEO of John L Scott Real Estate,shares how “Walking in the Solution” and “Living Life as a Contribution®” has powered his company to $14.4B in annual sales.

Hard work and determination, the work ethics instilled in him by his grandfather who hired him to paint signs when he was ten, helped Lennox Scott grow the company from a small mom and pop business to 1,400 broker associates in 2007. Yet, those old-fashioned work ethics were not enough to sustain the company when put to the test by the Great Recession in 2007. When the housing market collapsed that year, Lennox was looking at the disheartening possibility of having to make huge cuts to his staff or even close his doors. Serendipitously, he then met a woman who introduced him to a progressive, innovative perspective she calls “Walking in the Solution” that ultimately turned his business and his life around. (That woman, Deanna Scott, is now his wife.) Annually, John L. Scott now engages over 3,000 broker associates in 110 offices across four states, closes more than 37,000 transactions totaling $14.4B in sales volume, and is now listed as the 12thlargest Real Estate Power Broker in the US. Most impressively, in 2017 the company’s foundation helped contribute over $15M to children’s hospitals and healthcare in the Pacific Northwest.

From Burst to Billions
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