The Michael S. Robinson Show - 12.02.2017: The Future of Business with New Startups
We’ve said it before, small business drives economic growth in the United States. And with the rapid pace of technology creating new vistas for opportunity, startups are taking advantage to capitalize on the moment. Technology is a great job creator according to a Deloitte study covering 144 years of data. So what does this mean for small business? Michael Robinson talks with entrepreneurs Beat Raemy, Paula Phillips and Trent Edwards on how they’re utilizing technology in their business. And did you know that since 2007, the number of women-owned firms has increased by 45 %? Michael talks with Claudia Newcorn about why women are more and more seeking to chart their own way in the business world.

Beat Raemy – VP corporate development North America, SCT Materials AG
Paula Phillips – president, Kombucha Wonder Drink
Trent Edwards – VP of product, STRIVR Labs; former NFL quarterback
Claudia Newcorn – president/founder, Acorn Enterprises; author, Zipline to Success

The Future of Business with New Startups
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