The Michael S. Robinson Show - 2017.12.19
Are baby boomers becoming the unemployable generation? While outright age discrimination is illegal, there does exist some bias against hiring older people. Diane Huth talks about how you can rebrand yourself when looking for a new position.

Increasing our personal data is all stored online somewhere in some database. With the news stories of large data breaches, this can cause alarm. Protecting you identity, taking the necessary precautions and being on the lookout for suspicious activity is becoming of paramount importance. Privacy consultant Carrie Kerskie talks about how to defend your identity.

With the repeal of Net Neutrality regulations, there are many corporations and institutions saying that this will open the door to creating an uneven playing field where consumers and businesses will be forced need to pay more for access to the same services they have access to now. Nicholas Economide and Florian Schaub talk about the reasons for the decision, what does this mean for the future of small businesses and for the growth of the economy.

Diane Huth – branding & marketing professional; author, BRAND YOU!
Carrie Kerskie – privacy & identity theft consultant; president, Kerskie Group; author, Your Public Identity
Nicholas Economides – professor of Economics, NYU/Stern
Florian Schaub – assistant professor, University of Michigan School of Information

Net Neutrality; Ageism; ID Theft
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