The Michael S. Robinson Show - 2017.12.07

Many teacher school systems face problems from teacher quality to student overcrowding to budgetary issues. Lynette Guastaferro runs a non-profit that provides help and resources for teachers to better meet their responsibilities.

Are you feeling stuck in your life and can’t seem to find a way out? Megan Smith Gill provides 5 key steps on how you can improve and begin to live your best life.

In a letter sent to Congress, 400 millionaires and billionaires are asking Congress to not cut their taxes. They believe that inequality is worsening and don’t wish to add even more to the national debt. Mike Lapham talks about creating a fairer economy.

Lynette Guastaferro – executive director, Teaching Matters
Megan Smith Gill – author, Give A Shift: 10 Simple Steps to an Abundant Life
Mike Lapham – director, Responsible Wealth Project

Mentorships; Living Your Best Life; Responsible Wealth Project
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