Michael S. Robinson Show: How the Obama Election Impacted U.S. Citizens & Counter-terriosism in NYCMichael Robinson talks with 2017 NYC mayoral candidate Bo Dietl, running on the independent ticket on what distinguishes him from the competition.
After the terrorist attack in lower Manhattan leaving 8 dead, the question on many peoples mind is still ‘Why do they hate us?’. Michael tackles this contentious issue with professor and author Beau Grosscup
Former Representative Allen West joins Michael to discuss what impact Barack Obama’s historic presidency has had on politics and more.

Bo Dietl – 2017 NYC mayoral candidate; founder, Beau Dietl & Associates Private Investigators
Beau Grosscup – professor emeritus, International Political Economy CSU Chico; author, Strategic Terror: the politics and ethics of aerial bombardment
Allen West – former Congressman; author of Guardian of the Republic

How the Obama Election Impacted U.S. Citizens & Counter-terrorism in NYC
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