Michael S. Robinson Show - 2017.10.17
There is little doubt of the power and influence that the media in its various forms—TV, radio and online—have over us in informing or even shaping our views in many subjects, terrorism least amongst them. If an act of violence is committed by a follower of Islam, there is a tendency to rush to blame all Muslims. So the question has to be asked, has the media done an injustice in it’s portrayal of the Muslim community? And what can we do to help combat these perceptions? Michael Robinson discusses this with the managing director of MDC Live Arts Center, Jenni Person.
The way we consume media has changed dramatically and the amount we consume has increased. And while we get our information from online sources and social media print is not dead. Michael talks with the publisher of the Palm Beach Florida Weekly, Melissa Barton about the current state of affairs in the publishing world.

Jenni Person – managing director, MDC Live Arts
Melissa Barton – publisher, Palm Beach Florida Weekly

Muslim Stereotypes & The State of Publishing in 2017
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