Michael S. Robinson Show: 2017.10.21

The term fake news has been with us for centuries but has taken a far more prominent role in the recent year. Just what is fake news and how can we differentiate real news from the propaganda and misinformation? Michael Robinson talks with Emmy Award winning journalist Marvin Scott on better ways to consume media.
Fincancial planning should be a very important part of our lives. What we spend and how much we put away for a rainy day and our retirement is key to how well we will live our lives. Michael discusses issues and challenges with financial planner Patricia Davis.
The Equifax data breach affected 143 million Americans. The significane of a company that has so much financial data on so many people is a huge problem. What protections can you do to better protect yourself and how can you be more vigilant? Michael disusses this with Susan Grant
It’s hard to find and maintain a good, healthy relationship. Michael talks with sex therapist Beatty Cohan about what issues and challenges do we face in finding and managing that good relationship we all seek.

Marvin Scott – senior correspondent for PIX11 New York; author, As I Saw It
Patricia Davis – managing director, Davis Financial Services; author, Going Broke Is No Joke
Susan Grant – director of Consumer Protection and Privacy,Consumer Federation of America
Beatty Cohan – psychotherapist; sex therapist; author, For Better, for Worse, Forever

Identifying Fake News, The Equifax Breach and Rating Your Mate
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