We as consumers have immense power as a whole and being mindful of the sustainability chain as we shop, consume and eventually dispose of products can make a difference to the economy and to the future care of our shared world. At one time, corporations considered marketing themselves as a sustainable-conscious brand a bragging right but it should be part of being a good global steward. A sustainable lifestyle is thought of as being more expensive but does it have to be? In the first half of the show Michael Robinson discusses these issues with his guests Joel Jaeger and Kathy Kuntz. He then takes s sobering look at the devastation and the pain still being suffered by the populations of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands in the wake of Hurricane Irma. He holds a panel discussion with Dr. Elizabeth King and Anthony Temperino as they describe their work and efforts and how we can contribute in helping the affected.

Joel Jaeger – research specialist, World Resources Institute
Kathy Kuntz – executive director, Cool Choices
Dr. Elizabeth King – hypnotherapist; CEO, Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick
Anthony Temperino – president, National Air Transport

Sustainable Living Simplified

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