The Michael S. Robinson Show - 2017.09.16: The Gig EconomyThe gig economy is not an entirely new thing; freelancers, contingent workers and part timers have been part of the workforce for a long time. But its rapid growth is a surprise. A report from LinkedIn states that by 2020 the gig economy will represent 43% of the workforce. A couple of questions come to mind in light of this changing labor landscape: Are employers dictating the rules for greater profits? Or are employees trading greater job flexibility for lesser rights and benefits? Michael Robinson discusses these issues with his guests Jon Younger, Sarah Hinawi and Jack Johnson.

Jon Younger – founder, Agile Talent Collaborative, author Agile Talent
Jack Johnson – director, TAKL
Sarah Hinawi – co-founder/director of Purpl

After the Storm & The Gig Economy
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