The Michael S. Robinson Show: Workplace DiversityThe benefits of diversity in the workplace can sometimes be underappreciated. Bringing together a team where different perspectives are voiced and valued can benefit not only the corporate culture but ultimately the bottom line. So how do you go about putting together a workplace that is diverse in gender, race, age, education and more and empowering them? Should it be company policy? Michael Robinson holds two panel discussions on Workplace Diversity with his guests: Dr. Stefanie Johnson, Mark Lee, Mary Beauregard, Bill Fanning, and Monica Thakrar.

Stefanie Johnson – associate professor, University of Colorado, Boulder’s Leeds School of Business
Mark Lee – president & CEO, The Lee Group
Mary Beauregard – intercultural and diversity consultant, Global IT
Bill Fanning – vice president, America’s Job Exchange
Monica Thakrar – CEO, MTI, Inc.

Workplace Diversity; Why It Matters
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