Michael Robinson Show - 2017.08.05 - Success Despite AdversityWhy does it seem like some people can achieve success rather effortlessly yet others struggle to meet their goals? What you have to remember is that every successful person has run into roadblocks at some point in their lives; the key lies in in how they managed to overcome such adversity and go on to achieve their success. While courage helps you also need to have a plan of action, passion and learn to focus to help keep you centered. What lessons can you take away from the stories of those who have made it and what tools can you pick up and use yourself. In this episode, Michael Robinson leads dives into lessons learned with guests Emma Eminash and Annette Goggio.

Note: Jim Harshaw was not able to make the show

Emma Eminash – author, “From Africa to America”; journalist & inspirational teacher
Annette Goggio – MPH; EEMCP; author, “Healing: A Conversation”

Success Despite Adversity
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