The Michael S. Robinson Show - 2017.08.12The Department of Labor has reported (PDF) that the unemployment rate is at 4.3, the lowest it’s been in 16 years. The job market is robust so what does that mean for those seeking a new job or a career change? Companies are finding that investing in their workforce to ensure a cohesive environment and holistic corporate culture is a smart move. Bad employment decisions can erode that culture as well as affect the bottom line. With companies trying new and different interviewing techniques, how can you best be prepared for the challenge of the interview process? Michael Robinson tackles this issue, first talking to Ashley Stahl and Carolyn Thompson and then holding a panel discussion with his guests: Lynda Spiegel, Lauren Milligan and Doug Ross.

Ashley Stahl – career coach; CEO, Ashley International
Carolyn Thompson – HR consultant; author; president, Training Systems, Inc.
Lynda Spiegel – professional resume writer/job search coach; founder Rising Star Resumes
Lauren Milligan – career coach/resume writer; founder/CEO, ResuMAYDAY
Doug Ross – CPA; founder/managing director, Aces United LLC

Job Interviewing; A Fresh Perspective
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