You’re at work doing your projects and using tools to help you organize your workflow. Or maybe you’re in charge of your company’s social media and getting the message out. You’re logging your activities, checking off to-do lists and keeping track of expenses. Why not transfer all those skills into how you manage and improve your personal life? Take those lessons learned and use them to effectively brand yourself or manage your time better or plan out your finances to meet your goals. Small changes can make big impacts and to help with advice and methods for leveraging those skills Michael Robinson leads a discussion with Robin Camorote, Jodi & Jason Womack, Moe Carrick and Eric Roberge.

Robin Camarote – strategic planner, co-founder Federal MicroConsulting co-founder
Jodi Womack, Jason Womack – cofounders, Get Momentum
Moe Carrick – founder, Moementum
Eric Roberge – certified cinancial planner, founder Beyond Your Hammock

Leveraging Organizational Skills for Life
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