Michael S. Robinson Show - 2017.06.03

Big ideas come with huge responsibilities and there can be many setbacks in the way to success. This can lead to feeling like a record that’s stuck in the same groove, not moving forward and replaying the same thing over and over again. You may need a wake-up call, to recognize that you’re stuck in a pattern and come up with proactive measures to break out of it. In the first part of this episode, Michael Robinson deals with how you can recognize when you are stuck before moving on to how to come up with a plan to Unstuck Yourself. He talks with thought leaders in this area: Dr. Donna LeMar, Laura Probert, r. Tatiana Irvin and Nancy Mae.

Dr. Donna LeMar – trauma expert, psychologist
Laura Probert– holistic physical therapist
Dr. Tatiana Irvin – holistic therapist
Nancy Mae – life transition coach

Unstuck Yourself; Letting Go, Moving On
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