How many times have you “had a hunch” or acted by “trusting your gut”? We’ve all had situations where we’ve acted on our basic instinctive evaluation of the situation. Sometimes it turns out bad and other times it turns out for the better. Is there a pyschological or scientific reason to trusting our gut feelings? Can we develop our intuition to better trust in it to lead us to better results and live a better life? Michael leads a discussion into Intuitive Intelligence with his guests: Dr. Judith Orloff, Christopher F. Chabris, Dr. Tatiana Irvin and Annette Goggio.

Dr. Judith Orloff – board-certified psychiatrist, author
Christopher F. Chabris – cognitive scientist
Dr. Tatiana Irvin – holistic therapist
Annette Goggio – author

Trusting In Intuitive Intelligence
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