We are a social species, we like to interact with one another and for many these interactions come naturally. But for some the scenario of being put in an unknown social situation can be quite frightening. Whether if it’s at a networking event, a party or a date this fear of the unknown and being outside your normal comfort zone can be paralyzing. But life is not always comfortable or certain and forces us to navigate outside our comfort zone. If you are Socially Awkward how can you best deal with this to present your best side and achieve your desired intention? Michael Robinson delves into this issue with his guests: Frances McIntosh, Ty Tashiro, Victoria Robertson and Carol Steingreaber.

Frances McIntosh – founder, Intentional Coaching
Ty Tashiro – psychologist, author of AWKWARD: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward
Victoria Robertson – horticulturalist, author, Swimming Through the Reeds
Carol Steingreaber – author, Pants Optional

Socially Awkward? Presenting Yourself with Intention
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