We all want to succeed, to achieve the goals and plans we have laid out for ourselves. But sometimes we stall out on that journey and other times goals change as life happens. At times things we perceived as failures can become helpful because they teach us valuable lessons. The ball is in your court and you have to ask yourselves 3 questions: what does success mean for you; do you have a plan to make it happen; and are you actively working on the plan. To share their different perspectives on how to achieve success, Michael Robinson talks with 4 though leaders: Henry Ammar, Jason Vitug, Janie Kelley, and Katherine Dasta.

Henry Ammar – founder & CEO, Make It Happen
Jason Vitug – founder, Phroogal; money & lifestyle editor
Janie Kelley – minister, Unity of San Angelo
Katherine Dasta – co-founder, The Inner Essence Project

Six Strategies to Succeed
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