MR Show: 2017.05.06Are you facing taking the plunge into a career change? Are you in the middle of changing careers but feel stuck? This can be a scary time filled with uncertainty but it is not an impossible task. You need to know what you want to do, draw up a plan of action, do your research and network! It can be quite a challenge but the reward will be a more fulfilling professional as well as personal life. And to help you with tips and advice, Michael Robinson talks with career and workplace thought leaders Liz Ryan, Rikken Hansen and Wendy Sachs. He closes the episode with musical guest Jessy Tomsko.

Liz Ryan – author, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace
Rikken Hansen – author, career coach
Wendy Sachs – author, speaker, and content strategist
Jessy Tomsko – singer, songwriter, composer

Changing Careers
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