From the┬átime we wake up, put on the TV or start listening to the radio to the time we fall back to sleep we are being bombarded with messages designed to persuade us. Commercials, ads, billboards, political speeches and even the news sometimes is trying to sell us something whether it’s a product or a point of view. But we also engage in trying to persuade others: at the job you want co-workers to agree with your plan; you try to sell yourself in a job interview; in a social settings, you want the person to like you. So it’s a constant back and forth between you being persuaded and trying to persuade others. In this episode, Michael Robinson delves into the nuances to persuasion: what is it, how to recognize it and how you can be sure to make a choice based on your needs. He discusses these issues with his guests: Philip Nelson, Martin Zwilling, Diane Ciotta, and Steve Raiser.

Philip Nelson – author, professor of economics, Binghamton University
Martin Zwilling (@StartupPro) – startup mentor, blogger, angel investor
Diane Ciotta (@DianeCiotta) – TedX speaker, trainer
Steve Raiser (@SteveRaiser) – defense attorney, founding partner, Raiser Kenniff

The Art of Persuasion

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