Two hot button issues that are always in the news are immigration and energy production. Public policy on immigration has to deal with how to vet refugees and how to deal with the undocumented that are already in the country. Amnesty? Updating the green card registry? Future energy policy has to address issues that impact the economy, environment and the labor market. Clean energy is gaining market share so what should be it’s role? And with the rapid pace of technological advances, what new sources of energy will we employ? Michael Robinson discusses the issues with his guests Alfredo Placeres, Stefanie Spear and Jeffrey Tannenbaum.

Alfredo Placeres – immigration attorney, author Como Consequir los Papeles
Stefanie Spear – Founder & CEO of EcoWatch
Jeffrey Tannenbaum – Chairman, PACENation & Spower

Refugees, Alternative Energy & The Economy
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