The first working telegraph was invented in 1837 and the Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the telephone so the internet was beyond their imagination when they crafted the Fourth Amendment enshrining our right to privacy. So in our modern world, what should Congress be doing to protect our privacy rights? What does the passage of S.J.Res.34 repealing a set of federal broadband privacy rules mean for the consumer and our data? Michael Robinson gets from his guests: Larry Downes, Andrea Seabrook, and Marsha Blackburn. On a lighter note he talks with his musical guest is Hilary Kole.

Larry Downes – New York Times best selling author & Project Director, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy
Andrea Seabrook – Managing Editor, Countable
Marsha Blackburn – Congressman, 7th district of Tennessee
Hilary Kole – jazz singer

Internet Security & Privacy
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