What will be the Next Big Thing? Who can say. With the pace of technology in our rapidly evolving world things that were not dreamt of a fifty years ago are now common place. The inventors and innovators of today stand on the shoulders of giants as they create a new future and spawn whole new industries. And while new technologies cause job loss, a new breed of entrepreneurs stand by to take a chance at the opportunities presented and businesses create new jobs spurring economic growth. This week Michael S. Robinson takes a look at technologies and innovations that could make our lives better with his guests Trond Heldal, Scott Sichmeller, Harld Haas, and Dr. Gretchen Mahler.


Trond Heldal – Co-founder of Osmotex AG
Scott Sichmeller – Engineer – Product Development & Innovation at WLabs
Harald Haas – Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh
Dr Gretchen J. Mahler – Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Binghamton University

New Technologies & Scientific Innovations
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