The polar caps are melting, weather patterns are getting more erratic and sea levels are rising. Climate change is happening and humans are contributing to the increasing rate of this change. But what can we do about it? We can take a more proactive stance in reducing our carbon footprint by being aware how we consume and dispose of the products we use. We are an inventive people, so entrepreneurs will create new green jobs and make older industries more sustainable. Will this reverse the effects of climate change? It will not hurt. Michael S. Robinson tackles these issues with his guests: Maureen Kline, Florian Mueller, and Kevin Lyons. Special musical guest: Gunnar Nelson!

Maureen Kline – Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability at Pirelli Tire North America
Florian Mueller – intellectual property activist
Kevin Lyons – Associate Professor at Rutgers University
Gunnar Nelson – musician/singer/songwriter

Climate Change: Sustainable Practices and Invention
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